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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Kevin can be a little obsessive, to say the least. He's obsessed with keys already, and in the last few weeks he's been focusing more of his energy on obsessing about cows. He loves animals (how could he not, growing up in our house?) and particularly farm animals. Maybe he ...

We are home

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Kevin was discharged about 12:30. He is still sick, but since he doesn't need oxygen and is eating the Dr. was ok about letting him come home.

Hospital Update

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I just wanted to post a quick update. Kevin is doing fine, he is getting his breathing treatments every few hours and his oxygen level is staying in the 90's so hopefully he will be able to come home in the morning. He is still pretty cranky and keeps pointing ...

In The Hospital

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Kevin was admitted to the hospital today because of his respiratory/asthma issues. We had avoided real sickness all winter, but it seems like everyone is getting sick in the last few weeks, and Kevin was no exception. He got a cold last week but only had a runny nose and an ...


Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

We've been getting a lot of snow here lately, and Kevin likes to stand on his stool and look out the front window as it comes down. The other day we got him all bundled up to go out and play (long process) and we thought he would have a ...

Terrible Two’s?

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Kevin is now into the "terrible two's" and he is getting quite the attitude. He still doesn't talk all that clearly, but he has perfected the word "no", using it often, with sassiness, and in the proper context. Is this progress?! But along with his strong-willed determination and fascination for screaming ...