Terrible Two’s?

February 4th, 2008 | by Matt |

Kevin is now into the “terrible two’s” and he is getting quite the attitude. He still doesn’t talk all that clearly, but he has perfected the word “no”, using it often, with sassiness, and in the proper context. Is this progress?!

But along with his strong-willed determination and fascination for screaming is a growing sense of adventure and desire to do and try everything. I love this age because there is so much to learn and so many new things to explore. The screaming fits and occasional destruction caused is overshadowed by a boy with a big smile who always seems to be having the best day of his life.

He’s still fascinated with keys and has lost ours several times, leading to last-minute panic when we have to decide to either exhaust all efforts looking for where he hid them, or try to work out an alternate vehicle plan. When I get home from work, Kevin often greets me at the top of the steps with the words “keys?” – sounding like an addict who is desperate to get his next fix.

Another of his loves is the vacuum. He always wants to “help” vacuum and he often will be happy using his toy puppy vacuum, but he’s always obsessed with the real one. If only he could actually do the vacuuming for us…

He also loves to dance. I’m not sure he’s going to win any awards, but he certainly has his own style and isn’t shy about performing with all his heart. You know what they say, dance like nobody’s watching…

We were at the mall yesterday to listen to Dawn’s story-time at the animal shelter, and I took some video of Kevin just walking around. I thought it showed his personality – especially turning around every few seconds to ask “more?” because I had some Reese’s Pieces!

Also, I’m not sure we posted this yet, but Kevin now sleeps all night in his own bed. What a relief! He loves to give kisses and staring/flirting with the ladies, and he still loves reading books. Lots and lots of books. Constantly. Which I guess is a good thing, right?

Now I just have to capture his “other side” on video when he’s mad and screaming and clearing everything off the coffee table with his arm and hitting the dogs. The Terrible Two’s do exist! 🙂

  1. 2 Responses to “Terrible Two’s?”

  2. By Shel on Feb 4, 2008 | Reply

    LOVE IT !!
    He is such a cutie pie.

    We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and seeing the kids all play. I love how well they all get along.

  3. By Jeni on Feb 8, 2008 | Reply

    Wow, polaroid-type pictures. I’m impressed.

    Kevin is anything but terrible. I’d say a little obsessive over keys and ice cream and of course adorable…