Pictures From 2008

October 1st, 2008 | by Matt |

I want to share as many pictures of Kevin as possible. On this site we often picked out just the cutest pictures, but we of course took many more. I’ve uploaded (almost) all of them from 2008 so anyone who wants to look can see them all. Some of them show his personality in certain ways. Some of them may be special to certain people because he’s wearing a specific outfit or holding something or doing something they remember. Sometimes I’m surprised by how a certain pictures can bring back a special memory of him or remind me of something I’ve forgotten, even if it’s not the best picture in the world. Just looking through all the “every day”pictures of him helps remind me of what it was like to just have him around, wandering around the house, causing trouble, making noise, being silly, and making us laugh.

I will upload more pictures in the future. Also, if anyone reading this has any pictures of Kevin they would like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to email them to us. We would really love to see them.

Tomorrow will be 5 months since Kevin’s death. It’s hard to believe. But, the day goes on like any other. We are doing okay most days, but we still have some days worse than others, and moments of extreme sadness sneak up on us at random.

Gathering up all these pictures tonight, browsing through them, and recalling memories brings some moments of happiness and laughter, followed by the sadness of knowing that he is gone and missing him terribly. We will revisit these same pictures and memories over and over for years to come because they’re the only ones we have been given, and they are so few. I guess that’s why I go back to them often, share them again, and maybe want people to see a new picture of him that they haven’t seen before. It’s a way to create a new memory. We don’t get to see him get older, do anything new, have new facial expressions, go to new places, or see new things. So if I can notice something new in an old picture, or even see a new picture for the first time, it’s like he’s still here for a moment. I can make a new memory. Because he’s still my son, I’m still proud of him, I still love him more than anything, and I still want to share him with the world even though he’s not growing older and having new adventures like other peoples’ kids. I know he’s gone. But if I can just have some of those moments where I feel like he’s around us again, that means everything to me.

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  2. By Kristel on Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    What a wonderful slide show. Made me smile, laugh, cry, but it’s so good to see him being himself, enjoying his life, showing you all how much he loved you with that sweet look in his eyes. We miss him so much!

  3. By Joanna on Oct 5, 2008 | Reply

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pictures. We think about him everyday! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, but with a huge smile because when I think of Kevin I just smile. I am making a scrapbook for Keaton called The ABC’s of Kevin. Many of these pictures will become a part of that book. We will miss him, love him, and remember him for always.

  4. By Amy Mescher on Oct 6, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Matt and Dawn, I will try again to see Kevins slide show of memories. I hope and pray for you daily.
    Love, Amy:)

  5. By Amy Mescher on Oct 6, 2008 | Reply

    Matt and Dawn, My computer will not let me see it at work. So I will try at home. Again Amy

  6. By Lindy Jensen on Oct 7, 2008 | Reply

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and personal thoughts of Kevin. Even though I haven’t responded, I have faithfully followed this sight from the beginning. I do have pictures and special memories of your sweet boy. My first memory being when you brought Kevin to Grandma and Granpa’s home for the first time. You told me I could hold him, and hold him I did. I remember sitting in the rocker-glider holding him all wrapped up in his blanket. I cried, telling God thank-you for finding a way to give your sweet boy a chance to get to know his family. I remember his first birthday party. I didn’t expect him to interact with me, I was unfamiliar to him. But he crawled up on my lap and played with his toys. We played together as if he knew who I was (maybe he did !). That really touched me. I remember Kevin at Symora’s birthday party. There was a small pool filled with ice and pop cans. Kevin and Keeton were fascinated with the ice. They kept sticking their little hands in the ice. They would stomp, laugh, and then shake their hands and cry because of the painful cold. Then they would stick their hands in the ice and do it all over again! They were so funny to watch!
    We took Brianna, Gabby, Symora, and Cameron to the zoo. We took pictures of them sitting on Kevin’s memorial bench. How special, what a wonderful way to remember Kevin.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures and private thoughts of Kevin. It is a precious way to keep him with us. We can see him dance and hear his laugh and cry. Many who have lost love ones are not able to do that. It is not the same as having him with us, but a treasure just the same.
    Again, thank you for allowing us to share your thoughts and pictures of your sweet boy.
    I love you always,
    Aunt Lindy

  7. By Kayte Hamel on Oct 9, 2008 | Reply

    I mostly check the site while I am at work for it is under my quicklinks. I need to stop doing that though because everytime it brings me to tears. Just wanted you to know that I think of you often.

  8. By Jeni on Oct 14, 2008 | Reply

    Like Kayte, I always check Kevin’s site while at work. I have since the site started when he was born. The pictures you posted made me smile. Many of the pictures are new to me.

    Last week Lily and I went to storytime and the pumpkin patch. Both places bring back so many memories of Kevin for me. I could almost see Kevin walking around the bunny area at the pumpkin patch. In the car on the way home Sting’s song “Fields of Gold” came on. I found myself thinking about Kevin as I listened to the song. Lily asked, “Are you thinking about Kevin right now and missing him? Does this song make you think if Kevin?” I was amazed we were thinking of Kevin at the same time.