March 2007

March 11th, 2007 | by Matt |

It’s been over 3 months since we last updated this site – sorry! It’s been a busy winter for us, with Kevin being sick almost continuosly since late November. He had just about every kind of virus that went around this winter. We were able to keep him out of the hospital and overall he did okay, but it was a struggle to keep him eating and healthy. He’s been well for a few weeks now, so we hope that the illnesses are over.

He’s just past 16 months old now and he’s getting ready to walk. He cruises around the furniture and can walk while holding our finger but he just doesn’t seem to want to let go yet. He just hit 20 pounds this last week, so he’s kind of fallen off the growth charts and the doctors want to see him grow some more. But since he had a rough winter, we expected him to struggle a bit with gaining weight.

He finally got his hair cut a few weeks ago – it was getting really long and into his eyes. It looked like a bad hair piece sometimes, and we always called him Donald Trump. The haircut went okay but he had a bit of a fit when they tried to put the cape on. He thought it was a bib and someone was going to try to feed him! He looks a lot better now, though.

Lately he has really grown into liking books and he “reads” them all the time. His favorites are Kipper’s Colors, Find The Kitten, and I Love My Puppy. He’s rarely patient enough to actually read a whole page, though. He just likes to turn the pages as quickly as possible and flip between them. He’s also started talking and he has a few words that we can understand now. He says “mama”, “book”, “ball”, “dog”, and “cat” pretty well and just says “Ba!” for everything else in the world.

Eating continues to be the biggest struggle for him. A feeding therapist is coming to our house once a week to work on his oral aversion. He still really doesn’t like to eat at all, and he would probably prefer just to snack on a bottle a few times a day. Dawn has started making him her own blend of baby food with bananas, avocados, yogurt and some other good stuff to try to get him to eat more. It’s high in calories and he seems to like it better than baby food, so that is working well. If it weren’t for all her efforts to feed him, he wouldn’t be growing how he is! We saw the GI doctors in Iowa City and he is on Prevacid to help with reflux (which they suspect he has) and we hope to meet with the nationally known feeding therapist in Iowa City soon. He has gotten better with eating since he got over his sicknesses and he hasn’t thrown up in days which is a lot easier for us!

As he is getting older, we are really seeing his strong personality (aka ATTITUDE) come out. He is quite the little stinker and he doesn’t like to be corrected. He has lately begun throwing temper tantrums when he isn’t happy, crawling away a few steps then flopping on his belly and pounding on the ground. We have to try really hard not to laugh! He loves to antagonize his sister and tear down anything she is building or playing with.

This weekend we all went to the Doodlebops concert (a Disney show) and he really loved it. He was dancing the whole time and waving his light up stick. He really likes music and loves to dance at home. Since it got warm, we also got his new tricycle out with a push handle in the back. He really liked that and of course had a tantrum when we had to take him off. He likes playing with all his toys, especially balls that he can put into things. At nap time he likes to snuggle up with Dawn in the recliner and hug his Glow Worm.

Overall things are going well and we are enjoying Kevin as he gets older. He is a really fun boy and he makes us laugh all the time. He is a total goofball!