July 2006

July 23rd, 2006 | by Matt |

It’s once again been a while since the last update. Kevin is now 8 1/2 months old and doing well! He hasn’t had any doctor visits in over a month, and we haven’t had any troubles or concerns.

Getting Kevin to eat has always been a battle for us, but on July 5th it’s like a switch went off and suddenly the boy loves to eat! We estimate he’s over 17 pounds now, and we no longer have any trouble getting him to eat. In fact, he screams and cries if he doesn’t get his bottle quickly, and tries to grab at it to get it in his mouth when he sees it. He never had that kind of enthusiasm before. So we’re really thankful that he’s come around and seems to love food now – and he almost never spits up anymore, either. We completely stopped keeping track of how much he eats each day quite a while ago, so one of our big stresses to date – getting him to eat and grow – is so, so much easier now. What a relief!

He’s starting to show interest in crawling, and he does roll over in both directions and is starting to use his rolling to move around the room a little. He gets really mad when toys are out of his reach, but hasn’t quite figured out how to intentionally get to where he wants to go yet. He’s quite the grabber, too. When he sees something he wants, he goes full force to grab it. He’s especially fond of remote controls!

He started clapping a few weeks ago, and is just starting to pick up on “so big”. He babbles quite a bit and makes new sounds every so often but he doesn’t seem to be as vocal as Emily was. Although his vocal chords look pretty normal now, we still have to wait and see if the problems he had earlier will have any impact on his speech development or the sound of his voice. Lately his new trick is to spit and blow bubbles, which he thinks is hilarious. He loves to laugh at Emily, and he thinks it’s hilarious to watch the dogs fight. He’s at the age where he seems to be just starting to “get” humor and silliness, although sometimes he’ll just stare at us like we’re idiots.

He took his first swiw on July 4th and has been in the pool again since. He likes to ride in his little boat and kicks his legs to splash the water, so it seems like he enjoys it quite a bit.

Although he has his difficult moments, he’s still a very easy-going baby. He rides well in the car, he’ll sit and play with his basket of toys for a while, he likes to watch Baby Einstein every so often, and doesn’t mind sitting in his stroller outside and watching us do yard work. After a long while of sleeping all the way through the night, he’s recently started wanting a bottle during the night. We don’t mind, though, since his increased eating will help him grow to be a bigger boy.