Happy Halloween!!

October 30th, 2007 | by Dawn |

We have been busy this week with costumes, pumpkin carving and Halloween parties. Emily decided to be Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter books. Kevin is a skunk. I decided it was quite appropriate. And true to form, he looks absolutely adorable in it. Kevin got to carve his first pumpkin. We helped him draw the face and then Matt cut it out. Kevin was most interested in throwing the insides of the pumpkins all over the floor. He is so funny in his costume. We went to Matt’s work today for trick or treat and he got lots of comments about about how cute he was. He just stood there and smiled so sweetly, like he knew how cute he looked. Also, Kevin is really into suckers now. He takes a few licks and them sticks them to whatever is nearest to him. I will indulge him for a few days, but after that the suckers will disappear!

Overall, everything is going great, I can’t believe he will be two next week!


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  2. By Jeni on Nov 1, 2007 | Reply

    I am still giggling over Kevin in the skunk costume. He walks around with this big grin on his face and a sucker in his hand and a white mohawk. I hope you got some video of him walking around in that costume.

    I’m impressed with his pumpkin too–I assume it’s the pi one, right? Pretty brilliant for almost 2…