Summer Fun

July 31st, 2007 | by Matt |

Summer has been great and Kevin is enjoying every day of it. He loves to be outside and has a great time in the swimming pool. He likes to “jump” in and doesn’t mind going under the water. He is quite the thrill-seeker and isn’t afraid of climbing up on anything he finds. If we take our eyes off him for a minute we often find him climbing on top of a chair or table and giving us a look like “what?” He has a small footstool in front of our front window, which he likes to stand on and look outside all the time. The only problem is he doesn’t like to get down so he stands there whining until one of us lifts him down the small step!

He got to go to Nebraska to visit his uncle James and aunt Amanda and really liked the zoo there. He’s been staying busy and having a blast!

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