March 2006

March 23rd, 2006 | by Matt |

Kevin continues to grow into a little boy! He’s ‘coo’ing more every day and making lots of new sounds. He thinks a lot of things are funny and is just barely starting to giggle a little. It looks like he’s probably going to figure out how to roll over in the next week or two. We took him and Emily out to get pictures last week. Since he is over 4 months old, we figured it was probably okay to make one trip out into ‘public’! But we’re still being cautious and we still haven’t taken him very many places yet. It feels strange that he’s almost 5 months old and hasn’t used his stroller yet!

This week Kevin’s cousin Elyse jumped rope in her schools “Jump Rope For Heart” program. She raised money for the American Heart Association in honor of Kevin. The pictures above are of her at the event – we’re so proud of her and happy that she would think of Kevin. They have each gone through their own unique but similar situations and we’re sure they’ll have plenty to talk about someday.

We had an appointment with the pediatric cardiologist on tuesday for another checkup. He’s now 13 pounds 5 ounces! That’s about double his post-surgery weight, and still just under the 25th percentile. He ate a bottle while there, so he fell asleep and they could do a good echo on him to check his heart. Things look good – she commented that the coarc repair looked really good and his heart was functioning well. His blood pressure was good too. She looked at his valves and commented that he would be a candidate for repair rather than replacement if they decided later that they did need to fix his valve. He went up a bit on his medication doses because of his weight gain. The cardiologist said that he will probably be on at least some heart medicine his whole life. We have our appointment with the dermatologist on April 4th in Iowa City to follow up on his rash. The bumps seem to be changing a little bit and they want to figure out what is causing them. Luckily they are mostly on his back and don’t seem to bother him at all.